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Soon the iPhone App Store will show you even more advertisements


Apple will increase the advertising shown on the App Store . In the future, the banner ads will appear in a new panel on the main store screen and also in the screen dedicated to individual applications.

All advertisements will be highlighted in blue and will display ‘ Ads ‘. This way they will be distinguishable from applications recommended organically by the App Store algorithms. Currently the App Store already shows some advertisements, but exclusively in the search bar and in the results of the internal search engine of the marketplace.

Ads on Apple Search allow developers of all sizes to grow their business. The new advertising spaces have also been designed with this goal in mind. They will contain content sourced only from apps approved by the App Store. Content that therefore adheres to our strict privacy standards

reads a statement sent by Apple to the 9to5Mac site.

Basically, the new advertising banners should appear in a special tab at the bottom of the App Store homepage . Furthermore, sponsored applications should also appear among the applications that are normally suggested when we have opened the page of a specific application.


Apple hasn’t officially introduced the new banner ads yet, but the first tests are expected to start very soon.


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