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Soulstice: gameplay trailer from the Italian Video Game Awards 2022


On the occasion of the Italian Video Game Awards 2022, Soulstice is back to show itself with a new gameplay trailer that allows us to see the game again in action, showing in more detail how the sisters Brial and Luther fight in unison, using weapons from the enormous destructive power and otherworldly abilities.


Soulstice is an interesting action RPG that places an emphasis on its layered and fast-paced combat system. In the game we will control  Briar and Lute , two sisters who have been transformed into a Chimera, the only creature able to oppose the Ghosts who have invaded their world. Briar has gained superhuman strength and endurance, while Lute, who was sacrificed to bind her soul to her sister’s, has become a Spirit of mystical powers. Their mission will be to recapture a ruined city that has been overrun by the Specters.

In our preview we underlined how ” Soulstice is not a simple homage to a genre, but a real bulwark for pure action and Hack and Slash, and focuses on speed of play, combo and skill pad in hand.”



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