South Korea opens Google and Apple investigations for alternative payment methods


In addition to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store , the investigation will also cover the local ONE Store, which belongs to the SK Group, as the agency has investigated all three app stores since May 17 and found that they would violate the requirements of the country’s law passed last year.

This law allows developers to use third-party payment systems when performing microtransactions in applications , and stores can no longer force developers to only use their services. Apple and Google have agreed to open platforms for third-party payment systems and a 4% discount for transactions through third-party services.

At the same time, even in South Korea, the ban on publishing links to alternative payment services in applications remains. Last month, Google temporarily blocked updates to KakaoTalk which is the most popular instant messaging service in the country. The service also complained that after Google changed the rules for making payments, sales of special versions of emojis for the messenger fell by a third and based on the survey results, the KCC can order. app store owners to make their sites comply with legal requirements, as well as impose penalties of up to 2% of their annual turnover.

MEPs are also interested in the work of Apple and Google app stores, where the Digital Markets Act (DMA) was passed, which bans the monopoly of payment instruments for mobile software and a similar measure is in preparation in the United States.






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