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South Park: new game in development at THQ Nordic announced with a teaser

new South Park game is in development at THQ Nordic. The announcement came as a surprise during the final stages of yesterday’s THQ Nordic’s Showcase, but unfortunately does not reveal any project details. The short teaser, in fact, simply reveals that South Park Digital Studios , the same team that collaborated with Ubisoft San Francisco for the realization of South Park Clashes Direct, is currently working on a new title based on the famous series.

As you can see from the teaser, the short video includes only the South Park Digital Studios logo , accompanied by a caption stating that with the arrival of this reveal THQ Nordic no longer has 26 games yet to be announced, but only 25.

We will probably have to wait a long time before we can get more information about the project . In the meantime, we remind you that yesterday’s THQ Nordic’s Showcase was full of announcements and welcome returns, first and foremost that of the historic series Alone in The Dark which is preparing to return with an interesting reboot.

  • New South Park Game Teaser THQ Nordic (


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