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Speedrunning Stardew Valley while eating mayonnaise is gaining popularity – the record is about 17 minutes

On Friday, while many were discussing Dragon’s Dogma 2, a new trend appeared in the Stardew Valley community – speedrunning the game with the goal of drinking mayonnaise as quickly as possible.


A little background: Stardew Valley was released in 2016, but only this month – 8 years after its release – did it become known that the game would have the ability to drink mayonnaise. With the release of update 1.6, this became a reality, and many players flocked to Stardew Valley, likely to try out the new mechanics. Now speedrunners compete to see who can quickly get to the mayonnaise and drink it.

Speed ​​passes with the absorption of mayonnaise attract attention due to its unusual nature, so the trend is unlikely to continue for a long time. However, this doesn’t stop Stardew Valley speedrunners like LarkyLovesYou from running through the game in less than 20 minutes to taste the fresh mayonnaise.

The strategy in such speedruns is quite simple: the player wakes up and goes to collect the ingredients needed to create a mayonnaise machine and the mayonnaise itself, engaging in activities familiar to Stardew Valley – farming and resource extraction. The aforementioned LarkyLovesYou run, taking 17 minutes and 31 seconds, is one of the calmest speedruns of its kind.

LarkyLovesYou is not the only one trying to set a record in this category. On the Stardew Valley Speedruns Discord server, a user with the nickname seapickle5 set a new record of 17 minutes and 6 seconds.


The Stardew Valley speedrunning community is trying to convince to add the Mayo% category to the game’s official joke speedrun categories, along with the existing Posh% and Underwearsoup%.


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