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Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5 will offer convenient accessibility options

Developers at Sony’s in-house studios are looking to add accessibility options to their games for people with disabilities, and the upcoming action-adventure Marvel’s spider man 2 ps5 is no exception.


The official PlayStation 5 exclusive page has revealed some of the features prepared by Insomniac Games :

Sound: The screen reader will be able to read aloud all text in the menu and user interface.
Subtitles: Screen captions and audio descriptions for cinematic cutscenes will be provided.
Gameplay: It will be possible to slow down the gameplay to 70%, 50% or 30% of full speed; there is a switch back to normal speed at any time.
“Insomniac Games has developed a number of new and in-depth accessibility features to create a barrier-free gaming experience in Spider-Man 2.

Building on accessibility improvements from previous games, these features allow more players of varying abilities to enjoy the game.

spider man 2 ps5 :


Spider-Man 2 releases October 20, 2023 .


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