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Spike Lee to direct remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Heaven and Hell starring Denzel Washington

Apple Original Films and A24 have announced a joint project starring Spike Lee and Denzel Washington. It will be an English-language remake of Akira Kurasawa’s 1963 detective thriller Heaven and Hell.


The script was written by Alan Fox and Spike Lee. Denzel Washington will play the title role. This will be the fifth joint film between the director and actor since “Not Caught, Not a Thief,” released in 2006.


The Japanese director’s original film is based on Ed McBain’s novel King’s Ransom. It tells the story of the kidnapping of a son from a wealthy shoe factory owner.

Production on the Heaven and Hell remake, titled High and Low, begins in March. The film will be released in theaters by A24, then it will appear on Apple TV+ streaming.


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