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Splatoon 3 introduces Splattanza, the new mini-game that merges cards and Tetris


During the Direct dedicated to Splatoon 3 , Nintendo announced that the game will also include a particular mini-game that mixes cards and Tetris: Splattanza. Splattanza will include over 150 cards and each player will be provided with a starting deck of cards that will expand as they win games.

It is played 1 against 1, with a maximum limit of usable cards. Each card corresponds to a specific shape made up of colored square boxes . These shapes can be placed on a board similar to that of the Tetris. The winner is the one who manages to color more boxes, fitting the various shapes correctly. According to what was said by Nintendo it will also be possible to unleash special attacks, leading to multiple consecutive moves.

In addition to the presence of Splattanza, Nintendo has confirmed that all the modes present Splatoon 2 and all the basic versions of the weapons will return. New scenarios, new weapons and new techniques will expand the possibilities of this new chapter of the series. There is also a Story mode, ideal for those who intend to become familiar with the game mechanics and with the possibilities offered by the various weapons.

We remind you that Splatoon 3 will be available starting  September 9, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has confirmed that a full-bodied paid DLC for the game is also expected.

  • Splatoon 3 Direct – 08/10/2022 (


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