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Spotify: Car Thing discontinued


Stated in the release, Spotify ‘s gross margin was negatively impacted by the decision to discontinue production of Car Thing , although the company has been unsuccessful in the hardware space, it is doing well in software, and its user base remains high at 188. millions of paid subscribers, reported by TechCrunch .

A Spotify spokesperson told TechCrunch these words:

The goal of Spotify’s Car Thing exploration was to better understand in-car listening and bring audio to a wider range of users and vehicles. Based on several factors, including product demand and supply chain problems, we have decided to stop further production of Car Thing units. Existing devices will work as expected. This initiative has unlocked useful lessons and we remain focused on the car as an important place for audio.

9to5Mac previously looked into Spotify Car Thing and found it to be a decent device for under $ 100. Spotify’s Car Thing was first available by invitation only in April last year, but has since expanded access to everyone and is still available online for now at a discounted price of $ 49.99.

Given the current availability, it might be interesting to grab one before the final disappearance.




  • Spotify stops production of short-lived Car Thing accessory (9to5Mac)


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