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Spy action game Siphon Filter turns 25 years old

The Siphon Filter series, one of the most exciting in PlayStation history, celebrates its 25th anniversary! On February 16, 1999, the first Siphon Filter game debuted on PlayStation in the United States, and 5 months later appeared in Europe. Together with Metal Gear Solid, it was a real spy game, which was a full-fledged “cinematic” action. Unfortunately, the series is now dead, but its addition to PlayStation Plus Premium may be an indication that Sony has plans to resurrect this great series



Unfortunately, no official sales information has been provided for the Siphon Filter series. The only available data indicates that 900,000 copies of the first game were distributed in the United States alone, but given that the series has now spanned six games, it can be assumed that the total number of copies sold is several million. It is unknown whether Sony will revive the Logan character, but many fans are hoping so.


Studio Bend tweeted :



Happy 25th anniversary, Siphon Filter! Gabe Logan’s first mission arrived on PlayStation in 1999, beginning the legacy of Siphon Filter. Thank you for the memories.


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