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Square Enix will improve the image quality of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in Performance mode

After the release of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo , players began complaining about soapy graphics in the Performance graphics mode. Many have decided that the game is simply running in low resolution, hence the problems, but everything is different.


At first , Digital Foundry specialist John Linneman commented on the low quality of the picture . He stated that the resolution of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in the “Performance” mode is an honest 1440p, and “soap” due to errors in the post-process.

On February 14, Square Enix confirmed the presence of the defect, promising to improve the picture quality in the “Performance” mode. This will happen on February 21 with the release of a patch for the demo version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth , which adds the Junon location.

The picture quality in the “Performance” mode will be corrected in the full version of Final Fantasy VII RebirthThe game will be released on February 29. Press ratings will appear a week before.


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