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Star Wars Jedi Director Founds Giant Skull Studio

The director of the first two parts of Star Wars Jedi from EA and Respawn Entertainment announced the opening of his own game studio called Giant Skull. Recall that Stig Asmussen left EA in mid-September 2023.



The team is already working on their debut AAA game. It will be a single-player action adventure with a focus on story. Development is carried out on Unreal Engine 5.

Other gaming industry veterans have also joined the Giant Skull team. Among them are John Carr (Technical Director of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor), Jeff Magers (Design Director), Patrick Murphy (Art Director of Fortnite) and many others.



In a conversation with, Asmussen said that the idea for Giant Skull originated while working on Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, but the developer wanted to finish the game first and then think about the future.


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