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Star Wars KOTOR 2: impossible to finish the game on Switch due to an absurd bug

A bug in the Nintendo Switch version of KOTOR 2 makes it impossible to complete the campaign. The game crashes automatically after a cutscene.


The Nintendo Switch version of KOTOR 2 cannot be completed, due to a bug that prevents you from continuing with the plot. We are probably talking about one of the most serious bugs in recent history.

The release of the port of the popular RPG set in the Star Wars universe was accompanied by frequent problems. To begin with: the publisher, Aspyr Media , had sold the game bundled with the first chapter of the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic saga . Too bad that due to another bug, the first chapter could not be played until the release of KOTOR 2, not available at the time of the game’s release. Moral: many players had bought the bundle paying a high price, only to discover that they could not play either of the two games waiting for June 8, the release day of the second chapter included in the bundle.

The bug concerned only copies purchased in bundles, while, paradoxically, those who had chosen to buy the first KOTOR separately could easily reproduce the game without problems.

This time around Aspyr Media managed to do even worse damage. A bug on KOTOR 2 makes it impossible to complete the game . After an impossible-to-avoid cutscene, the game crashes without giving the player a chance to continue with the story. The bug appears roughly at the beginning of the second and last part of the game. It means that no player can finish KOTOR 2 and that the game was sold with a huge and inexplicable flaw. Ironically, the game crashes after a cutscene called ‘ Basilisk Crash ‘.

Urged by some disgruntled users (to put it mildly), Aspyr Media on Twitter announced that it was aware of the problem and was working on a solution. The developer has not provided a precise date for the release of the patch.


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