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Stardew Valley Update 1.6 Coming in March

The long-awaited release date for Stardew Valley update 1.6 is set for March 19 on PC, developer Eric Baron has announced.



Baron shared the big news on Twitter today, exactly one month after announcing the update’s completion in terms of “major new content.”


Today is the eighth anniversary of Stardew Valley. Thanks for all the support over the years! Today I am announcing the release date for update 1.6 on PC – March 19th. Console and mobile versions will follow as soon as possible.


With a new update on the horizon, a worldwide concert tour, the imminent release of an official recipe book, and now over 30 million copies sold, Stardew Valley is thriving more than ever. As always, I am forever grateful to the players (you!) for making this all possible. Now back to work. See you in three weeks.


Update 1.6 was originally planned to be small, but it ended up growing as new ideas and features were added. It’s now so big that Baron previously recommended starting a new save “to see everything in context.” Although the update, of course, will be compatible with existing saves for those who do not want to start a new farm from scratch.


Baron continues to juggle his work on Stardew Valley updates and his next full game, Haunted Chocolatier, which, as crazy as it sounds, is very similar to Stardew Valley. Except with a lot of chocolate.


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