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Starfield player discovers luxury location after 800+ hours of play Cohen Cohen ( NoW )

One Starfield player recently came across an impressive location that he had never seen in over 800 hours of playing the game. It is located on Maheo I, and its discovery sparked debate among Starfield fans about whether the game should have focused more on unique locations.



Bethesda has always touted Starfield’s “over a thousand planets” as one of the game’s main selling points. And while some players welcomed the opportunity to explore a virtual world that attempted to simulate the vastness of space, others were less than positive about the concept, given the developer’s decision to sprinkle procedurally generated locations (POIs) on nearly every planet in Mastered Systems.


However, even the most dedicated players still continue to find new and unexpected places in Starfield. These include gamer Constellation_XI , who recently discovered an interesting structure on Maheo I, the first planet of the Maheo star system. It is located on Sonni Di Falco Island and is essentially a gigantic manor house with a spacious living room, bedroom, terrace and amenities.



The player admitted that after more than 800 hours spent in Starfield, he was surprised by the find, as he believed that he had already seen most of the content in the game. Several other fans have pointed out that this location is a fixed location and not a random POI. In addition to its distinctive architecture, this futuristic manor is known to players as the only place in the game where you can get a swimsuit without getting into a gunfight.


Some fans pointed to the finding as a reason to argue that Starfield would have benefited from a greater emphasis on such locations even if the number of planets was three times less.


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