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Starfield’s Mysterious Blood Pits Are a Missed Opportunity for Bethesda to Expand the Game’s Universe

An interesting discussion broke out on the subreddit of Starfield, released last September, after one of the players drew attention to strange elements of the game world.



User 11BRRidgeback asked :


Is there any backstory or explanation as to why many mines have these bloody pits of corpses?



He attached a screenshot of pits filled with the bodies of miners to his post.


The community came to the rescue. Gamers began to put forward various theories about what could have happened to the unfortunate miners. Most agreed that these mass graves of workers are just an element of atmospheric storytelling, designed to hint that strange things are happening in the game world in addition to the main quest of the protagonist.

One player expressed the wish that every abandoned mine should have a reason why it was abandoned. Some official logs or at least posts in the information networks of the future. Moreover, in Bethesda games you can often find notes and references that help reveal the backstory. Such things do not directly affect the gameplay, but they allow you to make the world more holistic – then there will be no feeling that everything that happens revolves only around the player, and the rest is just scenery.


However, some have noticed that the same part is literally copied and pasted in completely different mines throughout the game. According to commentators, initially the developers clearly planned to somehow tie these burials to the plot about terromorphs, but due to limited time, everything came down to simply duplicating elements of the levels.


Who knows, maybe in future DLC the studio will expand on this element and introduce more details that give the world of Starfield more nuance and layers.


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