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Starting sales of Helldivers 2 from Sony amounted to about 1 million copies, online on Steam continues to grow


Despite some technical problems at launch, Helldivers 2 from Arrowhead Game Studios is performing well. The co-op shooter saw the biggest launch of any PlayStation Studios release on the Valve platform, and the maximum number of concurrent players on Steam continues to rise, already reaching 155,926.


Studio CEO Johan Pilestedt also said in correspondence with Twitter users that Helldivers 2 has sold about 1 million copies to date.

He noted that he did not know whether Sony would make an official public announcement about this and never understood why this information should remain secret, given that their project was exceeding forecasts. As for the distribution of sales between PC and PlayStation 5, it is now approximately 50 to 50.

Additionally, Pilestedt revealed that Helldivers 2 has been in development for almost eight years. The roadmap for post-release support for the project has not yet been revealed, but the studio has already confirmed that over time it will expand the game for free with new enemies, biomes, objectives, and story content.


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