Statement by German Chancellor Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said, “We will continue to support Ukraine. Russia must understand that the war will not end with a dictated peace.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made statements at a press conference held in the capital, Berlin. At the meeting, Scholz promised a new package of measures, including tax cuts, to help people struggling with rising prices and high energy bills after the Covid-19 outbreak and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Describing Finance Minister Lindner’s tax plans as very helpful, Scholz announced that they want to continue to support citizens in the current energy and inflation crisis. Stating that both aid recipients and low- or middle-income people are supported, Scholz announced that there will be other new aid packages and the total amount of the packages is 30 billion Euros.


Stating that measures such as a higher minimum wage, improvements in housing benefits, and citizen benefits planned for the next year will be taken instead of the Hartz IV system, Scholz said, “Our aim is that no one faces unsolvable problems.” Referring to the positive employment situation in Germany despite the increasing energy prices, Scholz said, “Even if it gets difficult, we have every chance to get through this period well. We will not leave the citizens alone.”


that the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals are planned to be operational in winter, Scholz announced that the first liquefied gas terminals will be connected at the beginning of next year, “The commissioning of LNG terminals is progressing rapidly. The aim is to have as many terminals operational as possible over the next year. bring it,” he said.

Stating that gas supply is expensive at the moment, Scholz said that there is progress in the ceiling price negotiations for Russian oil. Underlining that such a price limit will only work if it is organized globally, Scholz announced that he is in favor of a new pipeline that will pass from Portugal to Central Europe via Spain and France. Emphasizing the need to expand renewable energy from solar energy to wind energy, Scholz said that this is the only way to achieve the necessary industrial modernization to be independent of fossil resources.



Referring to the Ukraine-Russia war, Scholz described the war launched by Russia in Ukraine as the biggest challenge and underlined that Germany will continue to support Ukraine financially and militarily. Regarding the war, Scholz said, “The Russian President and political leaders must understand that the war will not end with a dictated peace.” Stating that Russia committed war crimes, Scholz said that the Russian president bears the responsibility and said, “This is a war of crimes, there is no doubt about it.”


Scholz denied responsibility for the cum-ex tax scandal involving Hamburg Warburg Bank, saying, “There is no evidence of any political influence.” Scholz said he knew nothing about the money in the safe of former SPD member of the Bundestag, Johannes Kahrs.


Scholz said that he believes that the alliance will last until the end of the term regarding the fate of the coalition government, called the ” Traffic Light Coalition”, And That There Are Even Long-Term Plans. Stating that the government is facing many unforeseen problems, Scholz said, “If you accept that three-party governments are realistic, you should also accept that three-party proposals are made for the future of the country. The traffic light is working.”


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