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Steam received updated notifications, interface elements and in-game overlay

Did you also feel that the Steam client needed an update for a long time? Valve released a platform update today that includes many features previously available in the beta version of the app. The latest version of the client includes updated fonts and menus, a redesigned notification system, and a reimagined in-game overlay. Moreover, Valve said that the platform has been rebuilt on a new framework designed to bring features across all versions of Steam in sync.


This means that some of the new features built into the client are already available on the Steam Deck. In particular, Valve noted the completely redesigned in-game client overlay – in addition to the new interface and more versatile toolbar, players now have access to a new note-taking tool that syncs between PCs. Thanks to the new framework, this feature is now available on both desktop and Steam Deck. The overlay also received a new “dock” feature that allows users to make the note tool (or any other in-game interface window) visible while playing.

Valve is also looking to streamline notifications in the client. After clicking on the icon, only the most recent and relevant notifications should now be displayed. Users will notice minor updates throughout the client, including updated dialog text, new fonts, and adjusted colors.

The new features are nice, but Valve seems to be most proud of the “under the hood” improvements. In addition to the new framework, the company said it has enabled hardware acceleration for Mac and Linux users, delivering a smoother experience across all platforms.

Last, and perhaps least important, the update could spell the end of the legacy Steam Big Picture mode. Among the long list of bugs fixed in the client is a note that the command line to enable “oldbigpicture” has been removed. Now we all use the Steam Deck interface.


The Steam Client update is now available for download. See full patch notes for details.


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