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Stray: The trophies suggest the campaign will be short


Check out the complete list of Stray’s trophies , Annapurna’s feline adventure coming on July 19th on PC and exclusively on PlayStation console. However, one of these suggests that the game’s campaign could be decidedly short. Here is the complete list of Stray’s trophies:

  • All Done – Unlock all Trophies
  • A Little Chatty – Meows 100 times
  • Cat-a-Pult – Jump 500 times
  • Productive Day – Dorm for more than an hour
  • Boom Chat Kalaka – Make a basket with the ball
  • Can’t Cat-ch Me – Complete the first chase with the Zurks without getting caught
  • Sneakitty – Drive through Midtown without being noticed by the Sentinels
  • No More Lives – Die 9 times
  • Scratch – Scratch the vinyl in the club
  • Pacifist – Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurk
  • I am Speed ​​- Complete the game in under 2 hours
  • Missed Jump – Fall into the city
  • Not Alone – Meet B-12
  • Cat Got Your Tongue? – Have B-12 translate a robot
  • Catwalk – Get to Midtown
  • Al-Cat-Raz – Go to jail
  • Eye Opener – Complete the game and open the city
  • Meowlody – Brings all Morusque sheet music
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat – Put on the paper bag
  • Cat-a-strophe – Try playing mahjong with robots
  • Cat’s best friend – Rub your nose at 5 robots
  • I Remember! – Recover all memories of B-12
  • Télé à chat – Change all TV channels
  • Badges – Collect all badges
  • Territory – Scratch in every chapter

As you can see, the list includes a total of 25 trophies , divided into one platinum, 7 gold, 9 silver and 8 bronze. Among the many trophies, however, the one that asks the player to finish the game  in less than two hours stands out in particular .

This last trophy has generated some  concern regarding the longevity of the game, since it seems to suggest the presence of a decidedly short campaign. It must be emphasized, however, that the most anticipated title by the Steam community will be sold at a price of only € 26.99 so it is reasonable to expect a not particularly extensive adventure. Furthermore, the duration of two hours represents the limit set for the speedrun: certainly the complete adventure will last much longer.

Before leaving, we remind you that Stray will also be available in the catalog of titles available for  PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers , again starting from July 19th.


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