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Stray: unveiled the release date with a trailer


Stray , Annapurna’s fascinating feline adventure, has returned to show itself at the State of Play with a new trailer that finally reveals the release date. As anticipated by a recent leak, Stray will be available starting from 19 July 2022 on PS4, PS5 and PC and included starting from that same date in the catalog of titles available for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers .

The video, which you find below, allows us to admire the protagonist again in action among the rooftops and alleys of the city. The trailer also shows some glimpses of new settings such as “Antvillage”, a settlement built around a huge tank that develops more vertically, making it possible to explore the world on several levels.

We have worked hard to make our feline as alive and realistic as possible, in order to guarantee players a deep and immersive exploration experience – reads a note from producer Swann Martin-Raget on the PS Blog.

Trying to control a cat, both in real life and in video games, is certainly not a walk in the park! From the start, we knew our superstar’s controls and animations had to be close to perfection to convincingly communicate that exhilarating feeling of agility and movement. This is why Miko, our specialized animator, really took this challenge to heart by spending a lot of time browsing reference images and videos.

Announced in 2020 during the PS5 unveiling event,  Stray  is a fascinating third-person feline adventure set in the streets of a ruined cybercity. As a stray cat, we will have to solve ancient mysteries and defend ourselves from unexpected threats to find our way home.



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