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Stray: was the release date revealed in advance from the PlayStation database?


The release date of Stray , Annapurna Interactive’s feline adventure coming to PS4, PS5 and PC, may have been revealed in advance from the PlayStation database . According to what is reported by the user PlayStation Game Size, in the database the release of  Stray was set for Tuesday 19 July 2022. 

However, it must be considered that there has been no announcement by Annapurna and that – as PlayStation Game Size also points out – it could also be simply a data place-holder . In any case, it must also be considered that the launch window confirmed so far is the summer one which therefore in relation to this that date could be all in all quite plausible.

Announced in 2020 during the PS5 unveiling event, Stray is a fascinating third-person feline adventure set in the streets of a ruined cybercity. As a stray cat, we will have to solve ancient mysteries and defend ourselves from unexpected threats to find our way home.

While waiting to learn more about Annapurna’s characteristic action adventure, we remind you that Stray will be available in the summer for PS4, PS5 and PC.



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