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Stronghold: Definitive Edition received its first paid DLC and free campaign

FireFly Studios announced the release of two-story campaigns for the remaster of the cult strategy Stronghold with the subtitle Definitive Edition. The first of them is paid – in Swine’s Bay Campaign, you will have to fight the Boar and his allies. A free economic campaign should test the skills of players in the field of building and developing castles.


Continue your heroic journey in this new single-player campaign, hot on the trail of Sir Longarm’s kidnapped relative. Players will have to rescue the legendary “Pearl of the North” from the captivity of the vile slave-trading captain Hoof, one of Boar’s most famous allies, and put an end to the story of this scoundrel. Overcome challenging new challenges and conquer new battlefields to earn the title of medieval combat master.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition is available on PC. On Steam, the game has received over 6 thousand reviews, 86% of which are positive.


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