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Substations and power lines in the new strategy Power Network Tycoon with elements of Cities Skylines 2 and Factorio

Power Network Tycoon is a new strategy and simulator where you have a prosperous island town at your disposal, and the task as the owner of the power networks is to build an efficient infrastructure from the ground up to meet the needs of residents and businesses. As a city develops, so does the need for electricity, so you’ll have to plan carefully to avoid disruptions.


At first glance, Power Network Tycoon resembles many other simulators. But once you dive deeper, it becomes clear that this game is much more complex than primitive point-and-click.

To become a successful owner of energy networks, you need to understand engineering: physical calculations, industrial design. And these are not just big words – the developers call their project “the most realistic simulation of energy networks on the market.”

The game also has plenty of drama. Extreme weather conditions can completely destroy your “empire” if not prepared in advance. It is necessary to ensure uninterrupted supply and safety of the inhabitants of the island: regularly measure the level of electromagnetic fields and monitor malfunctions.

A demo of Power Network Tycoon is available now on Steam, and early access costs $15.


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