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Summer of Gaming 2022: IGN announces the complete program


IGN has unveiled the complete program of the Summer of Gaming 2022 , which will accompany us in the month of June with announcements, reveal and much more. The appointments will start as early as June 1st and will last for two weeks with showcases and major events such as the Summer Game Fest , the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase , the IGN Expo, the PC Gaming Show and many more.

Here is the complete calendar:

Wednesday 1st June  

  • Warhammer Skulls Showcase 2022  

Monday 6th June  

  • Netflix Geeked Week, Day One (TV Series)  

Tuesday 7 June  

  • Netflix Geeked Week, Day Two (Film)  

Wednesday 8th June  

  • Black Voices in Gaming  
  • Netflix Geeked Week, third day (Animation)  

Thursday 9 June  

  • Summer Game Fest  
  • Upload VR Showcase  
  • Netflix Geeked Week, quarto giorno (Stranger Things 

Friday 10th June  

  • IGN Expo  
  • Netflix Geeked Week, Day Five (Video Games)  
  • Tribeca Games Spotlight  
  • Freedom Games Showcase 2022  

Saturday 11 June  

  • Guerilla Collective Showcase  
  • Wholesome Games Direct  
  • Future Games Show  
  • NetEase Games – Livestream  

Sunday 12 June  

  • Xbox & Bethesda Showcase  
  • PC Gaming Show  


We remind you that the events reported are constantly updated, so we invite you to keep an eye on our pages for further news.


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