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Super: Details on the alleged Twitch-like Meta platform


Influencers, whom Meta had contacted to test the platform, provided the outlet with details and a full presentation that the company used to sell the service to creators. No more than 100 creators have used Super so far , and in a statement provided to Business Insider , a spokesperson for Meta said that Super is a completely separate product and is not part of its other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Super’s website is public and can be visited at this address . The footer of the website notes that the service is “by Meta’s NPE Team”, where NPE stands for New Product Experimentation, the Meta developer team working on launching new apps, but beyond that, there doesn’t seem to be any other Meta mentions on the Super website.

This isn’t the first time Super has been reported , however, the product is very different from what it was described in a 2020 Bloomberg report and at the time, Super was being presented as a “Cameo-inspired tool” that would have allowed calls similar to FaceTime among celebrities and their fans. Some features appear to have been copied, such as the ability to take selfies with creators. However, the platform appears to have rotated to become more of a Twitch live streaming competitor.

From the pitch deck, it looks like Super will allow creators to monetize their streams similar to how Twitch works, viewers can pay for extra features, tiered memberships, and donations to their favorite creator . The creator would be able to keep 100 percent of their earnings, at least for now, and the pitch deck also highlights a sponsorship model where brands can pay to heavily integrate their marketing into a creator’s Super stream.


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