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Switch 2 Rumor: 5nm Processor Exceeds 2.5 GHz

Promising developments are emerging regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console, with its processor potentially utilizing cutting-edge 5nm process technology, which could result in a clock speed exceeding 2.5 GHz.


A few months ago, the LinkedIn profile of a former Siliconist Technologies engineer stirred intrigue, subtly alluding to involvement in NVIDIA’s T239 project, widely speculated to be an SOC for the successor to the Nintendo Switch.Rumor: Switch 2

More recently, YouTuber Doctre81 unearthed another ex-Siliconist Technologies employee on LinkedIn. This discovery provided additional insights into the processor’s technical specifications. Much like the previous case, this profile mentioned participation in a chip project for NVIDIA, disclosing the use of a 5nm process node and an impressive maximum clock speed of 2.653 GHz, outperforming the TegraX1 found in the original Nintendo Switch.

Despite the limited official information available, there are reports suggesting that Nintendo hosted a private showcase at Gamescom 2023. During this event, developers were treated to awe-inspiring tech demos running on the Switch 2 hardware. Notable demonstrations included The Matrix Awakens on Unreal Engine 5, showcasing ray tracing capabilities, and an enhanced version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, delivering seamless performance at 4K resolution and 60 FPS, thanks to NVIDIA DLSS technology.

Nevertheless, amid the swirl of rumors and speculations, official details about Nintendo’s forthcoming console remain elusive. Nevertheless, anticipation continues to mount, with insiders hinting at a potential unveiling and launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 in the coming year. This highly anticipated release has the potential to redefine the gaming landscape with its advanced processor and groundbreaking technology, setting a new industry standard and thrilling fans worldwide.



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