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Tactical game Inkulinati about cartoon farting animals will leave early access at the end of February

Yaza Games studio has announced the imminent release of patch 1.0 for the unusual tactical game Inkulinati . The update will become available on February 22 and will mark the full release of the title, which has been in early access since January 2023.


At the same time, the tactics will be released on all current consoles, including Nintendo Switch.


For seven hundred years these bizarre drawings have been waiting in the wings. It’s time to bring them to life on the pages of the game and show the whole world that people of the Middle Ages, like us, had their own memes and stupid jokes. You’ll meet rabbit swordsmen, spear dogs, forges stuck in buttocks, cannibal snails and much more. You can’t even imagine with whom.

Inkulinati is currently in early access on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series. The game has “very positive” reviews on Steam.



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