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Tactical role-playing game King Arthur: Knight’s Tale released on PS5 and Xbox Series

Studio NeocoreGames announced the release of the tactical role-playing game King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on current generation consoles. Judging by the description, we are talking about the basic version of the title – seasonal content is promised to be added later.



In honor of this event, a new trailer has been released:




You are Sir Mordred, the fatal enemy of King Arthur, once a black knight from dark legends. You killed King Arthur, but before he died, he killed you too. You both died, and yet you both are alive.


The Lady of the Lake, ruler of the mysterious island of Avalon, has brought you back to life to put an end to the true nightmare. She wants you to go on a knight’s campaign. She wants you to finish what you started. Kill King Arthur, or what he became, when she took his dying mortal coil to Avalon.


King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available on PC. Previously, the studio announced a major story addition, Legion IX, which will be released in early 2024 and will add to the game a legion of zombie Romans under the control of Septimius Sulla, one of the main villains in the old strategy King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame from the same studio.


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