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Tactical strategy Classified: France ’44 about the French Resistance will be released in March

Absolutely Games studio has revealed the release date for the tactical strategy Classified: France ’44 . It will be possible to take control of the French Resistance and prepare the country for the Normandy landings as early as March 5th. The game will be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.


Of course, the developers have prepared pre-order bonuses, which included new guns and colors, as well as a Deluxe edition containing two missions that were definitely not cut from the original game.


In this turn-based tactics game, you take command of a special forces unit in Nazi-occupied France, wreaking havoc on the enemy in the lead-up to the Normandy landings. Defeat German forces by conducting raids in occupied territory.

Judging by the description, typical tactics in the spirit of XCOM await us. The game offers you to assemble a squad of various heroes with their own characteristics, improve their skills and weapons and fight the Nazis over 45 missions. Among the “chips” of Classified: France ’44, the developers especially note the morality system, which will allow you to suppress enemies in battle or even put them to flight.


There are also several endings awaiting us.


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