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Tanks, gadgets and the near future in the CG trailer of the new Delta Force

Level Infinite and TiMi Studio Group studios have published a colorful CG trailer for Delta Force: Hawk Ops . In the video, we were shown a special forces team with cool gadgets, which shoots stupid dummies, and then finds itself on the battlefield with tanks and aircraft. And all this – under the pretentious monologue of a faceless and nameless man in a business suit. Apparently this is the main villain.


According to the official website, Delta Force: Hawk Ops will have several game modes. Firstly, we are waiting for a story campaign, once again retelling the story of the fall of the Black Hawk. Secondly, massive battles with equipment: landing ships, helicopters, tanks and armored personnel carriers. And for starters, there’s a typical action mode, where several teams of three people are trying to get important information and get away with it.


Delta Force: Hawk Ops will also be free and will be released on PC, consoles and mobile devices. When is unknown.



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