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Tensions between China and Taiwan have also got Apple in trouble


Tensions between China and Taiwan also put Apple in trouble, which now risks major delays on the supply chain of the next iPhone 14 . The dispute concerns the import labels of all components produced on the island of Taiwan.

Taiwan is in fact an independent nation, but on paper its international status is ambiguous. China considers the island as an integral part of its territory, only temporarily occupied by a ‘rebel’ government. The rest of the world (including the UN), fearing retaliation from Beijing, has adapted to China’s version, although there are several countries that maintain informal and unofficial relations with the Taiwanese government. And here’s the big paradox: all the companies in the world do business with Taiwan, which also holds 92% of the world chip production , but at the same time all governments and all organizations are forced to pretend that Taiwan is a fictional state. .

What does all this have to do with Apple? It has something to do with it, because obviously Apple , like every other tech giant, is forced to use components produced and shipped from Taiwan. And just in these days China has decided to block any product imported from Taiwan that carries labels that imply the independence of the island.

Therefore, everything that arrives with the indication ” Made in Taiwan ” or “Made in the Republic of China” is blocked and returned to the sender. Only goods bearing the “Made in Taiwan, China” or “Made in Chinese Taipei” brand can be imported. And considering that the Taiwanese components are often then assembled in the Chinese factories of Foxconn, it is evident that this is not a small problem. Companies like Apple are forced to comply with Beijing’s diktats.

According to several sources, Apple has already pleaded with its Taiwanese suppliers to comply with the requirements of China, in order to avoid a possible bottleneck that could compromise the success of the launch of the next generation of iPhone.



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