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Terminator: Survivors will be released in October 2024 – the first official details

Publishing house NACON presented the first official details of the upcoming open-world game in the Terminator universe – Terminator: Survivors. In addition, it is reported that the game will appear in Steam Early Access on October 24, 2024.



Terminator: Survivors takes place after Judgment Day. Players will explore the open world to find key materials and survivors needed to develop their base. You will develop the remnants of humanity, using the base as a stronghold to fight the machine threat. Single mode and co-op for up to three people are supported. In addition, you will meet both famous and new characters from the universe.


Terminator: Survivors is the responsibility of Nacon Studio Milan, the studio behind TT Isle Of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 and RIMS Racing. The studio that released Terminator: Resistance is not working on the game.



Finally, the developers promise a combination of action and stealth. In some situations, a stealth approach may be better than going out with a gun.


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