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The action movie “Monkeyman” with Dev Patel will be released in Russian theaters on April 11

The Volga film company reported that the Russian release of the action movie Monkey Man starring Dev Patel from Dev Patel is scheduled for April 11. The film will appear in domestic theaters six days after the world premiere.



The film was produced by Jordan Peele, director of Us, Get Out and No.

The violent streets of Mumbai have made him a fighter who will stop at nothing to avenge his family. From now on, his life is divided between underground fights for money, where masked people fight until their last breath, and work in an elite nightclub for the richest and most vicious. Increasingly immersed in the secret world, he settles scores with crime bosses and corrupt politicians who take everything from people. His name is Monkeyman.



Dev Patel’s directorial debut, meanwhile, received standing ovations at the SXSW film festival. The film’s ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are also very high – 88% fresh based on 24 reviews.


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