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The artist has been creating dioramas of various buildings from Age of Empires 2 for a year now

YouTuber Viva La Caffeine has very few subscribers, although his content is definitely worth watching. Especially among the Age of Empires 2 fan community.



For a year now, this craftsman has been working on a series of dioramas depicting various buildings from the cult strategy. Starting in January 2023, the master recreated several structures known to Age of Empires 2 players – a house, a city center, a stable, a shooting range and a barracks.


Each creation takes quite a lot of time, plus, the YouTuber also creates other dioramas on the Middle Ages and the Second World War, but the process is ongoing. At this rate, in a few years he will be able to complete a set of buildings. At least from one or two eras.



The artist was inspired by a 3D model from Redditor FairMarsupial3996, so he asked permission to turn it into a diorama.


Here are all the videos, including the process of creating the scenes and the final results:


House diorama

Diorama of the city center

Archery range diorama

Stable diorama

Diorama of Barracks – part 1 and 2

More of the artist’s works can be found on his channel .


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