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The best anime to continue. Part 1

Against the backdrop of the recent return to the screens of Bleach, as well as some other titles such as Hataraku Maou-sama!, Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu and Log Horizon, I wanted to share my list of anime that clearly deserve to be continued, but for some unknown reason studios and copyright holders remain silent.


This top is strictly personal, based on my personal preferences and does not have to correspond to the views of anyone. And in general, this is just the first part, since there were too many titles without a sequel. When compiling this material, I tried to follow a simple rule – at least five years should have passed since the anime was shown.

Drifters / Drifters

Drifters is one of my favorite isekai. What could be better than the confrontation between the heroes of humanity and those whom humanity has betrayed? And all this in a fantasy world with magic, elves and other attributes. Yes, and partly in the empire created by the hands of one “Austrian artist”.

A certain Black King leads his army of various monsters to one human state after another, erasing them into dust, and only Wanderers can resist him – aliens from our world who, for outstanding services during their lifetime, at the last moment before their death, got a chance to live for some more time, fighting for humanity.



Clockwork Spirit of War: Alderamin in the Sky / Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin

Alderamin is my biggest disappointment in terms of the sequel and at the same time the best advertisement for the original light novel. You are shown a setting that is not the most common for an anime, cool characters, intrigues are piled up, events are twisted and … they are sent to the store for a light novel!

In the center of the anime are graduates of the military academy of one of the two warring powers, who, by chance, ended up in the territory of the enemy. 

School of the Dead / Highschool of the Dead

The title about the dead itself turned out to be a dead man in terms of continuation. Unfortunately, Daisuke Sato, the author of the original manga, passed away in 2017, and therefore the hope for the new season is somewhere in the region of zero. But even in its unfinished form, Highschool of the Dead can easily give a few hours of pleasure through zombies, action and, of course, erotica.

In the most ordinary Japanese school, the most ordinary zombie apocalypse happened. A handful of students manage to survive the infernal meat grinder and leave the school. But, unfortunately, the city is clearly in no hurry to welcome the survivors with open arms.

Heroes of the Six Petals / Rokka no Yuusha

Another representative of the “buy a light novel after the first season” type. Rokka no Yuusha at first glance seems like a rather ordinary fantasy, but after a few episodes, the detective component begins to gain momentum, thanks to which it becomes interesting to follow the ongoing events.

At the hour when the evil god Majin awakens, the goddess of fate chooses six heroes and grants them the strength to resist evil. But this time something obviously went wrong and there was one more heroes. It is clear that one of them is an impostor, but who exactly?

Gate: Our warriors fight there / Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

7 years. I’ve been waiting for a Geito sequel for almost 7 damn long years, but there’s no news from either original author Takumi Yanai or studio A1. And it’s rather strange that an anime adaptation of one of the most unusual isekai is in limbo.

One fine day, a portal appeared in the center of Tokyo, from which all sorts of monsters poured out, but what can they do against modern tanks and aircraft? Having successfully eliminated the threat, the Japan Self-Defense Forces decide to equip the expedition and send it through the portal. An overgrown otaku is appointed to command a special operation, who at that time did not yet know what his future held. 

Bthooum! / Btooom!

I’ve had a soft spot for anime battle royales for a long time. For the most part, they’re still slick and usually I don’t look forward to a sequel, but Btooom! somehow got me hooked and for over 10 years I’ve been hoping for a new season to be announced someday.

The most diverse representatives of Japanese society were locked up on a desert island, where their main task was survival. The title has pretty well-written characters (for royal battles), animation suitable for 2012 and a portion of cruelty.

Homeless God / Noragami

What will happen if one day not the most popular god meets an ordinary schoolgirl? That’s right, the schoolgirl will gain superpowers and become one of the best catgirls in anime history. And now seriously…

Noragami tells the story of the god Yato, whom people have long forgotten and do not honor him. Despite the fact that the laziness of the god himself occupies the lion’s share in Yato’s oblivion, he still dreams of becoming famous and acquiring luxurious temples. This anime provides an unusual behind-the-scenes look at the everyday life of the gods of Shinto. And yes, Bishamon clearly deserves a sequel.

Gangsta / Gangsta

The anime industry does not often please us with seinen about brutal men, and therefore each such title is worth its weight in gold. Gangsta is a prime example of how you can tell a story about gangs with a very serious face.

In the godforsaken town of Ergastulum, where a wide variety of gangs run everything, “quietly peaceful” masters of all trades Nicholas and Wallace live. For an appropriate fee, they will gladly take on any, even the dirtiest business. But who could have expected that one day one of the tasks would involve anime characters in truly incredible events.

Magnificent Amagi Park / Amagi Brilliant Park

An ordinary Japanese schoolboy unexpectedly receives magical powers and becomes the manager of the Amagi amusement park – a once successful enterprise, but recently in not the best condition. And now the task of the protagonist is to breathe life into Amagi, using all the reserves for this.

As I already mentioned, a huge amount of anime that just begs for continuation has accumulated, and therefore, if this material does not contain something that you personally love, then you should wait for the next part. Unlike new seasons of unfinished anime, our article will definitely come out.


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