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The biggest gun update has been released for Dying Light 2

Techland has released update 1.15 for Dying Light 2. This is a major new update for the game, which Techland calls the studio’s “most ambitious update” they’ve done to date.



Thanks to the update, firearms were added to the game. Any player who logs into the game before March 7th will be able to receive a free Harran pistol from their stash. If you want to follow the story and earn more gifts related to firearms, simply complete the Lost Arsenal quest, meet Jai, the Watcher, and find out how they reappeared in Villedor. The developers have prepared four types of these weapons (each with its own unique type of ammunition):


Pistols. If things go wrong, a reliable sidearm can save the day. This is your primary firearm;

Submachine guns – high firepower and power, use recoil to gain an advantage in close combat;


Rifles are the perfect combination of precision and power;

Shotguns are deadly at point-blank range and are your go-to crowd control tool.

Increase your reputation rating with a new Agent and gain access to other firearms (read more in the “Survivor Missions” section). Keep in mind that as powerful as they are, they are still rare in Villedor – ammo doesn’t grow on trees (though you can find a few bullets hidden around the world, look carefully in convoys), so you’ll have to be smart and understand when to go forward with your gunsready.

Full patch notes are available here .



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