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The Callisto Protocol: new gameplay sequences and details on the origins of the game


A new video released by Game Informer shows some gameplay sequences of The Callisto Protocol and a fragment of an interview with Glen Schofield in which the director talks about the origins of the game.

Inside the video, which you find below, the author’s words alternate with some flashes of gameplay that show some exploratory sequences of the game. During the interview the author talks about how the idea of ​​The Callisto Protocol was born. It all started with his trip to the desert of Tucson, Arizona. Schofield says he needed to take a break from his latest jobs at the time.

There, the author would begin to draw , imagining some possible stories, including that of The Callisto Protocol. After making a dozen or so pages of concept for the game, Schofield returned to his team of writers who, after a year and a half, brought the story of The Callisto Protocol to life. Schofield also stated that he always knew what the ending of The Callisto Protocol was to be and although this has evolved over time from the initial idea, the last scene is still intact, just as he had imagined it ever since. from the beginning.

We remind you that The Callisto Protocol will be available starting December 2, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X.



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