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The Callisto Protocol will be present at the Summer Game Fest with a gameplay demo


The Callisto Protocol , the sci-fi horror developed by Striking Distance Studios, will return to show itself at the Summer Game Fest with a gameplay demo. The confirmation comes from a tweet published on the official account of the event. The game will be shown precisely on June 9 at 20:00 .

The Callisto Protocol tells the  story  of Jacob Lee as he explores the maximum security prison on Callisto, Jupiter’s second largest moon, which holds unspeakable horrors. In the game, we will be able to fight both through the use of  firearms  and through  melee attacks . In addition, to make the world of The Callisto Protocol even more alive, the development team said they used a technique called “Horror Engineering”, able to combine components such as atmosphere, tension, violence, a sense of helplessness and humanity to make spike the tension and trigger an unprecedented sense of terror in the player.


We remind you that The Callisto Protocol, the quadruple A title created by the Glen Schofield team, will be available starting from December 2, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X.


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