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The creator of the cult map Mirage from Counter-Strike regretted selling it to Valve

The creator of one of the most popular Counter-Strike maps greatly regrets the deal to sell it to Valve.


11 years ago, Michael Hull sold the Mirage map to Valve, and on the significant anniversary, the developer tweeted that he would have done things differently if it had been otherwise.

Exactly 11 years ago I sold the Mirage card to Valve. If I had known then how huge CS:GO and now CS2 would become, I would never have sold it.

Hüll notes that the terms of the contract with Valve were “very good”, but money has nothing to do with it, honor and pride are worth much more.

But the company has made changes that I cannot agree with. They go against the original concept of the map.

Indeed, Mirage has undergone many reworks over the years to improve quality and balance, although Hüll believes that this violates its original game design.


In version 1.6 this is noticeable in zone A and in the center.

However, despite possible complaints about improvements, Hüll is still rightfully proud of the map and is incredibly glad that so many players are enjoying it.

Counter-Strike 2 officially replaced CS:GO last September. And, despite the lack of convenient features from its predecessor, the game quickly soared in popularity, which is why Valve had to increase the power of the servers in the very first patch. However, its peak online record of 1,818,773, set by CS:GO earlier in 2023, was soon surpassed by Palworld.


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