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The creators of Need for Speed are now developing the Battlefield 2025 campaign

On the night of February 28, EA announced a large-scale restructuring , as part of which the Ridgeline Games studio, founded at the end of 2021 to develop the story campaign of the next Battlefield part, was closed.



Against this background, it became known that the production of the plot will now be taken over by Criterion Games , the developer of Burnout and Need for Speed. Since September 2023, the lion’s share of the team has been transferred to Battlefield.


It is unknown at what stage the Battlefield 2025 story campaign is now and whether Criterion Games will take the work of RIdgeline Games. Some of the employees of the closed Ridgeline will move to Ripple Effect, which makes the battle royale.

According to media reports, the new part of Battlefield will be released in October 2025. Until then, support for Battlefield 2042 will continue.


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