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The creators of the Gothic remake showed the updated appearance of the Fire Demon

As the second month of 2024 approaches, Alkimia Interactive and THQ Nordic have released the second Gothic Remake concept art of the year. A rather surprising choice was made as a fire demon was showcased. To say that it is different from the original is to say nothing. In any case, see for yourself.


One thing is for sure – the fire demon from Gothic Remake will be quite large (and its wingspan even larger). Given that he plays the role of Xardas’s servant, his pose is much more suitable for the bodyguard-gatekeeper we meet after finding the necromancer’s tower than the “flying ball” from the original.


It can be assumed that the creators were to some extent inspired by the demons from the game ArcaniA. It’s also worth mentioning that the fire demon only appears in the first Gothic, and there’s only one (in Xardas’s tower), although the rest of the “regular” demons – which we also meet in the second part – look identical to it. In the Night of the Raven, a fiery demon appears that resembles a four-legged beast.



Alkimia Interactive studio clarified on the Gothic Community discord channel that in the remake we will meet a fire demon (in the necromancer’s tower), “regular” demons and demon princes (demon lords).


Gothic Remake will be released on PC, PS5 and XSX/S. The game will probably be released in 2024.


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