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The demo version of the World War II strategy with elements of XCOM and Company of Heroes has been extended until February 20

The new strategy Headquarters: World War 2, dedicated to the Allied landings in Normandy, successfully launched as part of the Steam Next Fest, so the developers decided to extend the demo period until February 20.


Headquarters: World War 2 is a turn-based strategy game that combines elements of popular series such as Company of Heroes, XCOM and World of Tanks. The player will have to lead British, German or American troops and go through a full-scale campaign of nine story missions for the chosen army.

The distinctive features of the game are the high detail of combat operations and the realistic nature of equipment damage. The armor of each vehicle has vulnerable zones, the defeat of which causes additional damage or disables the vehicle. The terrain of the battlefield also plays a big role, providing varying degrees of cover for the infantry.

Equally important at Headquarters is the development of the human factor. Each military unit consists of a crew or crew, the effectiveness of which depends on the integrity of the team. Between battles, the player can replenish personnel, replace dead soldiers, appoint experienced commanders to improve performance, and conduct courses to improve morale before the next battle.

A full release is planned for the 2nd quarter of this year.


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