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The developer of Indiana Jones games criticized the frequent appearance of Nazis in the franchise

American director, screenwriter, writer and game designer Hal Barwood gave an interview in which he talked about the creation of the 1992 adventure game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. During the conversation, the journalists drew attention to the fact that in almost every film and game about Indiana Jones, the archaeologist has to fight the Nazis:



This is true. I think that’s when the Jones universe became formulaic for the people who were involved in it, especially in the movies, but also in the games. For some reason they decided that the Nazis were an integral part of this world. I didn’t think so. I just think it was a huge mistake to have the Nazis appear in Wheel of Fate, and I don’t think retelling that material is a good idea.


[Movies and games] are back. The writers simply couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t related to the Nazis, and the franchise weighed heavily on their shoulders. So they decided that they needed to do what had already been done. This is a creative oversight that I regret. I wish this didn’t happen…



It’s funny, but in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis by Hal Barwood, Indy also fought the Nazis. But apparently he could have used this plot.


The next game in the franchise will be Indiana Jones and the Great Circle from MachineGames. Of course, in it the famous archaeologist will once again encounter the Nazis.



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