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The developer of Moon Mystery has released a new extended trailer for the shooter about the moon

FPS adventure game Moon Mystery received a new extended trailer. According to the game developer, 2 years ago this was his solo hobby project. But in order to realize the idea of “a cool shooter with varied gameplay, a lot of mechanics and an exciting space story about a black hole,” the creator quit his day job, invested all his savings in development and even found a publisher. So today Moon Mystery is being developed by a team of 15 people – not that many, but judging by the video, they managed to achieve an impressive result.



The main character of Moon Mystery is an astronaut who lands on the Moon to unravel the mystery of the satellite and uncover the conspiracy surrounding the fateful mission of the predecessors to the first lunar base. The developer was inspired by such works as the film “Interstellar”, as well as the games Half-Life 2 and Firewatch. The gameplay promises to combine challenging puzzles, platforming through dangerous alien landscapes and vast abandoned bases, control of various vehicles such as spaceships, radio-controlled cars, lunar rovers and even a submarine.

It started 2 years ago as a solo hobby project. I went all in, quit my regular job, invested all my savings and found a publisher. Today, we are a team of 15 people, and this is how the project looks right now.
byu/Moon_Mystery innextfuckinglevel

In addition to riddles and jumping through locations, the player will have to face broken robots wandering along the corridors, and even more creepy mysterious enemies. So keep your gun ready along with your oxygen tanks!



The game is scheduled for release in 2024. If you want to support the project, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam . For now, the game is aimed only at PC – if sales are good, it will be released on consoles.


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