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The developers of Subnautica 2 reassured fans after the publisher’s statement about the game-service: “No season passes or subscriptions”

Publisher Krafton shared some interesting details about the long-awaited Subnautica 2, but then retracted most of it when Unknown Worlds rushed to reassure worried fans who weren’t happy about the sequel’s game-to-service model.


At first, the Krafton report stated that the project was designed for 1-4 players in co-op, plus elements of the game-service concept, with plans for release in 2024. But Subnautica is an adored single-player survival game without monetization and forced multiplayer. It is clear that after such news, fans began to panic.

While Krafton was running the show, Unknown Worlds released a statement to calm the waves:

No season passes. No battle passes. No subscription.

Some have noticed information from our publisher Krafton. Some of the news is good, so we want to make it clear:

There are no plans for Early Access in 2024, but we will share details later this year!


As for the “game-service”, we simply plan to update the project regularly over the years, like previous Subnautica games. Something in the spirit of an extended early access model. No season or battle passes. No subscription.

The game is not focused on multiplayer. Co-op will be a completely optional way to play. You will still be able to enjoy the single player experience.

As always, we are incredibly proud and grateful for our passionate and dedicated community of people who deeply love Subnautica. Thanks for staying tuned for the next game. We’re really excited to show you what we’ve been working on and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

It’s not often that we’ve seen the survival community go from calm to complete panic and back again in a matter of hours. This shows how hungry fans of these games are, even though the genre is experiencing a real boom right now.



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