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The developers of the strategy “Syria: Russian Storm” announced a game about the war between the USA and Russia

The Russian studio Cats Who Play, known for the strategy “Syrian Warfare”, announced a new game called ” Front Edge “. We are talking about another strategy dedicated to modern wars. Moreover, the armies of Russia and the United States will fight in it.


The game allows players to fight each other on tactical maps (in 1vs1, 2vs1 and 2vs2 modes), or in the Skirmish mode with a computer opponent. Initially, two armies are available in the game, these are Russia and the USA, in the future it is possible to add other armies.

Judging by the description of the game, first the studio will release only the online part of the title, and then will work on new factions and story additions:

The game will initially contain only the basic gameplay of combined arms combat, which will be actively developed in the future with the addition of new mechanisms that are actively appearing in real life (for example, copters with reset, FPV drones, etc.). The game in this case is considered as a basic platform that will be further developed with the addition of gaming capabilities, new types of equipment, combat tactics, and maps.

In the future, the game will become the basis for creating single-player campaigns for various current and proposed conflicts and wars, developing the concept of “games as new media” inherent in the previous project of the Playing Cats company – “Syria: Russian Storm”.


In “a few weeks” the developers promise to release the first technical version with the ability to battle against bots, and in another “few weeks” the title will reach early access and receive multiplayer.


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