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The developers of World of Tanks have increased their staff by almost 70%

The owner of the Lesta Games group of companies, Malik Khatazhaev , said that the studio attracted more than 700 new employees in 2023. The exact number of employees is 745 – an increase of more than 69.3%. Previously, Lesta Games had 1,075 people on staff.



Lesta Games, which supports World of Tanks, took 14th place in the ranking of the most valuable companies in the Russian Internet segment published by Forbes and became the most valuable gaming company in the Russian Federation.


Getting into the Forbes ranking was not Lesta Games’ goal. Money is an important resource, but people, technology and, of course, games are primary for us. We worked hard throughout 2023, hiring more than 700 new employees, including many beginners with no experience. We constantly updated our projects and continued developing games. We have carried out more than a dozen collaborations, the largest ones being with Mosfilm and the Aria group.

The head of the Lesta Games group of companies said that the studio needs classical programmers, specialists in working with artificial intelligence, game designers and 2D, 3D artists.



Last fall, Forbes wrote that Lesta Games was creating an online AAA game with a budget of $25-30 million. Development is carried out on Unreal Engine 5.


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