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The developers turned the viral YouTube channel Lofi Girl into a life simulator with a chic editor

Students, workaholics, weed lovers, and gamers have been relaxing in front of their computers for almost a decade with Lofi Girl, a YouTube channel with lo-fi music and a cute anime girl. One demo at Steam Next Fest turns this activity into a kind of game – a life simulator for those who like to chill.


Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is described as a “game-based concentration tool” designed to serve the same purpose as Lofi Girl: giving you an adorable digital character to get productive with. The demo features the same unobtrusive music and warm colors as on YouTube, but this time you are completely at the mercy of what is happening.

From the very beginning, you are seated in a cozy room and given the opportunity to operate a couple of controls. First, you can create your own avatar by customizing your hair, clothes, accessories, and even horns—basically, it’s cooler than anime cat ears.

Next, you essentially get the opportunity to modify your own version of Lofi Girl. You can select playlists, turn on background rain sounds, set the time of day, and place your avatar anywhere within the room – from the iconic desktop to the fireplace. In general, you create the right atmosphere and enjoy it.

Spirit City integrates into your daily computer tasks. There is a timer, a to-do list, a real diary and a “Habits” section.


Despite all these useful tools, Spirit City never puts pressure or demands you work like hell. The simulator rather invites you to just relax. Sit down. Cross off a couple of goals. Decorate the room. Or do nothing at all – just relax to the music.

Spirit City releases on April 8th, with a demo available on Steam.


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