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The development of the Apple Car electric car is being closed – employees are transferred to the AI department

Apple’s long-awaited (and repeatedly delayed) electric car project is nearing completion, according to a new report from Bloomberg . Much of the team working on it will shift to developing generative AI technologies, although it is unclear how many employees may be laid off.



According to Bloomberg, Apple executives Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch recently told several hundred team members that the project would “begin to wind down.”


As Bloomberg notes, the decision to finally abandon the development of the car will be a “sensation” for the company – after all, it was a multi-billion dollar investment that would mean Apple entering a completely new market for the company.



The existence of the Apple Car, known internally as Project Titan, first leaked to the media back in 2014 and has generated interest throughout the decade. Since then, there have been periodic rumors about it, including that it will be a fully autonomous electric car costing $100,000. The latest reports about the Apple Car came last month, with the claim that the release was delayed until at least 2028. And one former Apple employee was even convicted of stealing secrets from this project.


Many experts believed that Apple’s entry into the automobile market would be a very difficult task, given that car production is not the company’s core business. So it made sense when rumors surfaced about a possible partnership with an automaker like Hyundai.


Refocusing the Apple Car team on generative AI looks logical for a company that knows how to make computer hardware and software. But it’s definitely a big disappointment for anyone who was hoping to someday drive their own Apple car.


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